The Autumn 2009 issue of In Trust magazine includes two articles about schools coming back from the brink of disaster.

"At Oral Roberts University, Making the Most of a Crisis"

In 2007, President Richard Roberts, son of the university's founder, stepped down while defending himself and Oral Roberts University from a wrongful termination law suit. Soon it was revealed that the school was $55 million in debt. But at the moment of crisis, a philanthropist stepped in, demanding significant changes in governance in return for a generous gift.

"Financial Crisis Inspires New Vision"

Three years ago, Claremont School of Theology almost lost its regional accreditation as a result of unsound financial management. Today, the school of theology is back on its feet. Under the leadership of President Jerry Campbell, Claremont is forging ahead as a "multireligious university" while remaining affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

ORU and Claremont School of Theology are not the only schools that are changing their ways. The Autumn issue of In Trust also details how Catholic seminaries and schools of theology are becoming more "green." Although Catholic schools have not traditionally been in the forefront of the environmental movement, these days a number of them are developing a "care for creation" theology. Read the article: "Green Learning and Green Living."


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