Claremont School of Theology

A few weeks ago, I visited Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. The campus was designed by Edward Durell Stone, one of the masters of midcentury Modernism. Taking advantage of the mild Southern California climate, the buildings have no indoor corridors -- just outdoor hallways. On a beautiful day like the one on which I visited, it's very pleasant to be so connected to the outdoors.

Claremont School of Theology administration building

Undoubtedly the most impressive building on campus is the chapel. From the exterior (at the top of this post) it looks like a giant white ice cube. But inside, the light is spectacular.

Interior of chapel at Claremont School of Theology

The Autumn 2009 issue of In Trust magazine included a feature story about Claremont School of Theology by In Trust's editor emeritus, William R. MacKaye. Just three years ago, the school was facing a terrible financial crisis and almost lost its regional accreditation. Today, things have started to turn around, and the school is developing a new mission as a multifaith university.

Read William R. MacKaye's article here: "Financial Crisis Inspires New Vision."