Lexington Theological Seminary has announced that it will be moving from its 63-year-old campus to a 16,000-square-foot building near the Lexington Green Mall. Earlier this year, the school sold its seven acres of real estate and buildings to the University of Kentucky for $13.5 million.

The move, which will be completed in 2014, is the culmination of several years of transformation for the seminary.  The old campus could accommodate about 250 residential students, but since 2010 the seminary’s curriculum has been transformed, and there are no longer any residential students. Instead, seminarians come to campus twice per year for two weeks at a time, while taking online courses and keeping in contacts with fellow students and faculty through peer groups, mentorships, and special events.

According to the Association of Theological Schools, fall 2012 enrollment data showed a headcount of 66 students at Lexington Theological Seminary, with a full-time-equivalent student body of 44.2.