The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) is the accreditation and leadership education association for graduate-level theological education in the United States and Canada. The In Trust Center for Theological Schools works closely with ATS on matters that are beneficial for our mutual member institutions.

This spring, ATS issued its latest Colloquy newsletter online. Below are two items from that newsletter that are of interest to theological school board members.

Accrediting processes simplified 

At its February 2014 meeting, the ATS Board of Commissioners approved a number of changes to its policies and practices. Among the changes are clearer guidelines and procedures for extension sites and joint/dual degrees, a revised and abbreviated set of Notations clearly linked to the current standards, and new protocols for reviewing interim reports from member schools in a more timely fashion.

More information is here.

Continuing education for faculty: Five strategies that won't break the bank

Today, faculty must not only be masters of their disciplines; they must also master instructional design, educational technology, and accreditation standards, all on a budget that probably hasn't changed in the past decade. One colleague offers a few practical ways theological educators can extend their continuing education efforts without overextending themselves.

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