Resource Consulting is a method of supporting theological schools based on developmental learning models. Its goal is to strengthen the capacity of schools by helping schools to clarify issues and use resources to meet their identified needs.

Resource Consulting begins when a school expresses its level of readiness to address an issue, solve a problem, or plan for the future. The Resource Consultant invites the school to pursue the issues that the school's leaders have identified rather than the issues that the Resource Consultant has identified -- this marks a contrast from many forms of traditional consulting. A school then pursues the challenges and opportunities that are most significant at that particular juncture -- again, identified by the school's leaders.

In the Resource Consulting model, a school takes the ownership and responsibility for its own learning right from the start. Institutional leaders are thus required to build their own capacity to use resources to address their own issues.

An important assumption of Resource Consulting is that flourishing is possible when outside resources are used in tandem with the school’s own creativity and assets. The Resource Consultant provides resources and can accompany the school’s leaders as they go forward, sometimes working with the same school over months or even years, as the school moves from issue to issue.

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