In mid-September, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) shared a live webinar entitled 2015 State of the Industry. Daniel Aleshire (executive director of ATS) and Stephen Graham (senior director of programs and services) led a 45-minute presentation on enrollment and students, faculty, and finances at ATS member schools.

ATS has posted the recording on their website, as well as the slides and text of the webinar and links to further resources.

If you weren’t able to participate, it is well worth watching the archived version, which can be viewed in its entirety or section by section. The webinar was structured so that at the end of each section, there were questions for discussion about the content. It might be helpful to watch the archived version with colleagues — board, administration, staff, or faculty. Some schools might even want to show a section or two in a board meeting setting. Important conversations could follow.

The webinar's Resource List includes links to lots of data and resources from ATS, including ATS Annual Data Tables, the Strategic Information Report, Institutional Peer Profile Report, and articles from ATS’s Colloquy Online.

Over the last couple of years, In Trust has also published articles and blog posts that suggest how to use and interpret ATS data and reports. Here are a few:

Have questions about how to use data in your work? We're happy to help. Contact our Resource Consultants (a free service for member schools): or 302-654-7770.