Online Course Design. It’s probably not something that most board members or administrators consider, and yet it is the topic of the In Trust Center’s next webinar.  

What does online course design have to do with the governance and leadership of theological schools? Amy Kardash, the In Trust Center’s director of programs, tells us more about this webinar and why it is relevant to the work of our readers.

Q: Online Course Design is an interesting topic. Why has the In Trust Center picked it for its December 1, 2015, webinar?

A: Last December, we presented a webinar titled "Critical Components of Online Learning." With so many schools exploring online learning, we knew that it would be a timely, relevant resource. And it was. In our post-webinar survey, more than half of the respondents indicated that they were interested in online course design as a future topic.

Q: Tell us about presenter Roxanne Russell.

A: Roxanne is fantastic and a great resource. I first heard her speak at the 2014 ATS Biennial meeting, where she led a workshop about pedagogy in distance education. She helped launch Candler School of Theology’s new online doctor of ministry program, so she knows both theological education and online education. We worked with her to develop last December’s webinar as well as the upcoming one. 

Q: How can board members and administrators use this webinar?

A: Each school has a distinct mission and vision. Though online learning can seem daunting, it's simply a different way of delivering the theological education that is at the core of each school’s mission. As Roxanne says, “Course design is crucially relevant to how well the school fulfills its mission.” There is no other topic of greater import to boards than the school’s mission.

About the webinar: 

Online Course Design
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 
1:00 p.m. EST (60 minutes)

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