I believe it is important for theological schools to think critically about their operational and educational models. We have not adequately addressed several issues that have been present for many years within theological education. 

To look closer at what might be possible, I helped to facilitate a research project done in partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary, Northern Seminary, and Indiana Wesleyan University. Dr. Harriet Rojas and I conducted quantitative and qualitative research on several schools within theological education and outside of theological education. Below is a brief presentation I was asked to share at a gathering of seminaries. It describes why we care about this issue, what we know about it from our research, and a few thoughts on what I think we can do to address the issue. More information from this research is forthcoming!

Date first presented: September 29, 2015
Event: 2015 Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers (ECFFM) Peer Gathering for the Association of Theological Schools

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Greg Henson is the president of Sioux Falls Seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.