Deferred maintenance affects almost all institutions. According to a recent survey of 118 schools by the Association of Theological Schools, deferred maintenance costs ranged from $2,000 to $52 million, with a median around $437,500. Such high numbers can lead to an overwhelming feeling of discouragement, but there are ways to tackle deferred maintenance. 

St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Claremont School of Theology all told In Trust how to do something about deferred maintenance.

  • Do not get bogged down in information overload. Try to choose which data is needed to make positive strategic decisions.
  • Set priorities early on. Always make sure safety and health are number one, followed by structure (roofs, gutters, windows), mechanical systems (electric, water, heating), and space dividers (floors, walls, ceilings). 
  • Remember donors rarely give money to deferred maintenance costs. You will likely need to find other ways to raise the funds. 
  • Make a plan, and stick to it! Use your priorities and your resources to set when, where, and how deferred maintenance will be addressed in your institution. 
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Image Source: Dustin Lee