If you're a stakeholder at a theological school — especially if you're a board member, administrator, or faculty member — it's vital that you really understand your school’s financial standing, rather than solely relying on the CFO or other financial staff.

Do you know your school’s enrollment growth trajectory, your financial aid amounts, or the size of your school's investments? And do you understand how all of these contribute to the financial standing of your school?

In a recent In Trust Center webinar, financial consultant Anthony T. Ruger highlighted the importance of economic equilibrium and explained how enrollment, investments, endowments, facilities, gifts, and expenditures all contribute to the financial health of an institution.

In addition, he discussed the Strategic Information Report, which the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) makes available to every ATS-accredited seminary, explaining how the this report can help seminary leaders understand the financial standing of their institution. (The report was redesigned a couple of years ago by Anthony Ruger and Chris Meinzer, the senior director of administration at ATS.) 

This webinar was presented especially for those who want to know more about theological school finances but who are not themselves finance experts. Ruger's presentation was both detailed but also easy to understand.

To view the webinar yourself, visit here. The webinar costs $100.00 for In Trust Center members and $150.00 for non-members, but if someone at your institution has already paid to see it (either live or after the fact), they can re-watch it for free, and you can join them.

For information on the Strategic Information Report, visit the ATS website or contact Chris Meinzer at Meinzer@ats.edu.

If you have questions about this or any other webinars provided by In Trust Center, contact us at 302-654-7770.