The In Trust Center recently presented a free webinar sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation on five-year pastoral degree programs, which are currently underway at 19 institutions. During the webinar, Josh Good, program director of the Faith, Works, & Economics program at the Kern Family Foundation, presented the history of the foundation's support for five-year programs, and he was joined by three leaders in charge of the programs at their own institutions: David S. Dockery of Trinity International University; John Mark Yeats of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College, and Mark J. Belokonny of Multnomah University.



The webinar's topics included the feasibility and logistics of starting and running a five-year program, as well as the opportunities and challenges that often arise. The presenters from each institution provided insight based on their individual experiences with the program. 

Good stated that the Kern Family Foundation is interested in working with additional schools and will provide more information for interested leaders.

To learn more about this program, watch the webinar on demand for free.

The Autumn 2016 issue of In Trust magazine features an article on the Kern five-year program, highlighting the experiences of several institutions with starting and running this program. Read the article, “Fast-forward future,” for more information. 

And let us know if you have any questions or comments about this innovative program.