Teaching Islam in Christian seminaries,”an article in the Autumn 2016 issue of In Trust, focuses on the growing number of Christian seminaries that are adding programs or courses in Islamic Studies.

The models with which these seminaries have introduced Islamic studies into their curriculum are as varied as the schools themselves. As illustrated in the article, each featured school has different objectives in mind that shape the curriculum, audience, and size of their Islamic studies programs.

Some schools offer Christian/Muslim courses or programs that are primarily geared towards Christian students, often as an emphasis in interfaith relations within an existing major. Other schools have full Islamic Studies programs or schools within their seminary primarily targeted towards Muslim students.

Schlumpf writes about some of these different schools and the historical or cultural reasons why they have chosen to offer Islamic Studies programs. Organizational leaders interviewed share some of the opportunities and challenges of starting and administering such programs.

To learn more about this growing trend in theological education, read “Teaching Islam in Christian seminaries.” (Note: you will need an online In Trust account to access.) 

And let us know your thoughts about the interfaith work of these schools. Do you have any experience with a similar program?


Image credit: Stephen Milton