How can you care for your school’s president or dean? You may think of things like benefits, salary, onboarding, and board support. But you're probably not thinking of yearly evaluation, contracts, or succession planning.



The selection and care of a president are among the board’s greatest responsibilities. Fortunately, there are several publications that can help boards and presidents in this area, including the In Trust Center’s own “Wise Stewards: The Roles and Responsibilities of Boards in Theological Education.” The experts affirm that presidential care includes things like presidential contracts, yearly evaluations, and strategic planning for the future of the institution, including transition planning. All of these activities provide critical support to the president and allow the board to tend to effective institutional leadership.

Has your board taken all of these necessary measures? Do you engage in a productive yearly presidential evaluation process? Do you have a succession plan for anticipated or unexpected leadership transitions? Does your president have a contract?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, consider emailing us at We can connect you to resources to assist you with succession planning, contract development, and presidential evaluation.

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