It’s the big question seminary decision makers are asking: What to do about reopening in the fall? Some theological schools have already made a decision, while others are waiting for more information.

To help school leaders and faculty make sense of the complex issues surrounding the decision, Inside Higher Ed has published an article by Edward J. Maloney and Joshua Kim, “15 Fall Scenarios,” that lays out many of the options. 

The authors have also written a series of articles on each of the 15 fall scenarios that explain each one more thoroughly.

Finally, Maloney and Kim have also published three essays on emergent themes in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic: equity, place, and learning. All of these articles are well worth reading.

What other issues do you need to consider when it comes to reopening your school? The Chronicle of Higher Education has published “Here Are the Covid-19 Legal Risks You Need to Know About Now” (available to subscribers only).

Also, on May 28, 2020, the American Council on Education sent a letter to leaders of the U.S. Congress asking them to enact targeted liability protections to shield institutions of higher education from COVID-related liability suits.

What are other theological schools doing about the fall? We’ve compiled a partial list of publicly announced fall semester plans.

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