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Governance Minute: Fundraising: The Board's Role

Rebekah Burch Basinger explains that there are two ways to understand the role of the board of trustees in fundraising.

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Governance Minute: Board Orientation: An Ongoing Process

Rebekah Burch Basinger says that board member orientation is a critical piece to ensure the long-term success of a board member, but it's an area that is often glossed over. We tend to think of board orientation as a once-and-done activity, but in fact, orienting new members is an ongoing process. We're always being oriented.

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Governance Minute: Essentials of Board Orientation

Rebekah Burch Basinger says that board orientation should focus on the essential pieces of information that a board member needs, and the temptation to dump everything on the new member should be resisted. 

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Governance Minute: What's Your Elevator Speech?

Rebekah Burch Basinger says that to be effective ambassadors, board members should be able to tell the story of their connection with the institution -- their elevator speech.

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Governance Minute: The Benefits of a Good Board Mentor

Rebekah Burch Basinger says that a "board buddy" or mentor can help a new board member get up to speed quickly. The buddy or mentor can help the new member at meetings, but the buddy can also contact the new member between meetings to answer questions.

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Governance Minute: Essentials of Good Board Governance

Rebekah Burch Basinger says that theological schools face significant challenges, and when you accept a seat on a school's governing board, those challenges become yours -- you are a steward of the school's core mission.

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Governance Minute: An Effective President-Board Chair Relationship

Rebekah Burch Basinger describes the key to an effective president-board chair relationship: Believe that your school is no stronger than its board.

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