The In Trust Center provides learning communities through our webinars and facilitated conversations. These spaces are opportunities for members and affiliates to learn and discuss various issues in theological education. Our webinars are typically expert-led informational sessions during which presenters both in and outside the field of theological education share information and answer questions from viewers. Facilitated conversations are led by In Trust Center staff and allow members to connect virtually to discuss trending topics and share resources and best practices.

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Administration & Staff

Stakeholder Management Planning

September 13, 2023, 1 p.m. ET

With any type of organizational plan, there are always key “Audiences of One” who single-handedly have outsized impact on the outcomes of what we are working to do. Whether they are internal (e.g. Board Chair, President, Opinion Leader, etc.) or external (Prospective Donor, Politician, Local Newspaper Reporter, Advocacy Group President, etc.), we need to take these people into account in a different way than we would larger audiences in order to ensure the success of the overall program, initiative, or on-going strategy we are working to implement. We will walk through the elements of a “Stakeholder Management Plan,” which is a tool that can help you track the status of these relationships and develop strategies to proactively enhance these key relationships and ultimately help you and your organization be even more successful.

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Theological Education and Interculturality: Working Diversity, Equity & Inclusion on Campus

Learn how to deepen awareness of intercultural education in the face of the multicultural community surrounding theological education.

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A Biblical Perspective on Diversity

Learn how to navigate diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus and create an environment for diversity to thrive.


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Assessing Institutional Culture: How Traditions, Values, Behaviors, and Attitudes Influence Your School

Culture affects performance, engagement, retention, and satisfaction, all of which reflect on the student experience. Learn how to assess culture at your institution.


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