The In Trust Center provides learning communities through our webinars and facilitated conversations. These spaces are opportunities for members and affiliates to learn and discuss various issues in theological education. Our webinars are typically expert-led informational sessions during which presenters both in and outside the field of theological education share information and answer questions from viewers. Facilitated conversations are led by In Trust Center staff and allow members to connect virtually to discuss trending topics and share resources and best practices.

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Moving Forward Together: Shared Governance for Now

Join consultant Dr. Rebekah Basinger to gain an understanding of shared governance, including definitions, delineations of roles and responsibilities, and strategies for adapting governance practices to your school’s new now.

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Maximizing Your Advisory Board's Potential

Learn how to equip, educate, and resource its members.

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Mining Your Board’s Potential: Strategies for Maximizing Board Members’ Contributions to Your School

The wisdom, professional expertise, and life experiences of the folks seated around your board table are worth their weight in gold to your school and its mission. Without clearly stated expectations of board members and ongoing education and encouragement to match, there is a chance you are leaving riches untapped.

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Recruiting Board Members from Diverse Backgrounds

Dr. Derek McNeil, president of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, provides information on recruiting board members of diverse backgrounds. This presentation was offered as part of the Governance Between the Times seminar of the Wise Stewards Initiative.

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Maximizing the Power of Data Driven Governance: Dashboards and Strategic Indicators

Lynette M. Brown-Sow, president of L.M. Brown Management Group LCC, provides information on dashboards and strategic indicators. This presentation was offered as part of the Governance Between the Times seminar of the Wise Stewards Initiative. 


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Lead Your Board in the Right Direction

Providing a well-organized board orientation can set the direction for the board and provide them with a strong foundation for leadership.


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Dashboards: What's on Yours?

Learn how you can use dashboards to track your school's performance.


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Shared Governance — Road Block or Fast Track?

How can true shared governance be an asset in times of rapid change?


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The President and Board Chair Relationship

Learn about the importance and characteristics of a thriving president and board chair relationship.


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