The In Trust Center provides learning communities through our webinars and facilitated conversations. These spaces are opportunities for members and affiliates to learn and discuss various issues in theological education. Our webinars are typically expert-led informational sessions during which presenters both in and outside the field of theological education share information and answer questions from viewers. Facilitated conversations are led by In Trust Center staff and allow members to connect virtually to discuss trending topics and share resources and best practices.

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Executive Leadership

Executive Parameters: Optimizing the Relationships Between Presidents and Their Governing Boards

In this session, we consider the policies, practices, and key performance indicators most helpful to supporting the essential partnership between the president and the governing board.

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Hiring a Consultant: Why, When, Who, and How?

This webinar, led by Donna K. Alexander, President and CEO of Advoxum Global Strategies, will help lower the perceived hurdles to hiring a consultant so you can achieve strategic goals, improve the bottom line, and yield excellent results for your institution. 

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It’s lonely near the top: How a trusted advisor can help you

Learn the value of having a trusted advisor and how to select one to meet your needs as a leader.

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Preparing and Executing an Effective Leadership Succession & Transition Plan

Join the discussion about how to plan well in advance of an anticipated change.

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A Discussion on Leadership Transitions - Preparing the way for success

Join us for a series of conversations with leadership consultant, David Gyertson, about leadership transitions.

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Succession Planning: Building a Culture of Leadership Continuity

The sudden departure of a key leader can threaten your school’s mission. But it can also be an opportunity for growth if you have nurtured a culture of leadership continuity.


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Sitting Beside Rather Than Standing Over: A Guide to Presidential Assessment

A cooperative approach to assessment that outlines nine critical activities to include in the presidential assessment process.


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Leadership & Change: Riding in the Right Direction

David McAllister Wilson and G. Douglass Lewis share the lessons they’ve learned in 35 years of leadership.


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