The In Trust Center provides learning communities through our webinars and facilitated conversations. These spaces are opportunities for members and affiliates to learn and discuss various issues in theological education. Our webinars are typically expert-led informational sessions during which presenters both in and outside the field of theological education share information and answer questions from viewers. Facilitated conversations are led by In Trust Center staff and allow members to connect virtually to discuss trending topics and share resources and best practices.

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Strategic Planning

Using Change Management Best Practice to Achieve a Sustainable Business Model

These webinars will build capacity for institutional leadership in moving to action.

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Building a Strategic Communications Plan: How to Use Communications to Deliver on Your Highest Priority Goals

Join Josh Peskin from Millwork Strategies as he talks about strategic communications plans.

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Finishing Well: When Leading Means Leaving

This webinar will address how seminaries can own their destiny by being responsible and “finishing well,” rather than closing in crisis.

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Demystifying the Research Process for Mission-Driven Organizations

Join us for a webinar led by Springtide Research Institute about "Demystifying the Research Process for Mission-Driven Organizations".

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Using Strategic Partnerships to Fulfill Mission

Join Rick Staisloff for a discussion about strategic partnerships.

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Effective Boards & Leadership Teams: Planning Through COVID Planning Beyond COVID

Join presenter David Alexander of Alexander Resource Strategies, as he shares why effective boards and leadership teams must research, imagine and plan for what lies ahead.

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Creative Problem Solving

Learn how this innovative and effective approach to problem solving will help identify challenges, gather information, and generate potential solutions.


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Strategic Leadership: How to Develop a Mission-Driven Strategic Plan

Learn how to make strategic planning functional and practical for your institution.


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